What is Thomas Mason?

Thomas Mason of Nelson, Lancashire was Founded in the year 1796, and was originally connected with the Woollen Industry as preparers of worsted yarns.

The company prospered and in 1840 moved on to the present site and started to weave cotton goods on power driven looms. A wide variety of cloths were woven ; Poplins, Ginghams, Lawns, Fancies, Rainwear, Downproof, and Gaberdines being the mains lines. Over the years the company has successfully marketed a range of classic shirtings in 100% cotton, mainly from folded long stape yarns. These fabrics because of their world wide sales, now form the bulk of the production.

How about Quality?

Keep it simple and longer

You have purchased what is possibly the finest cotton shirt manufactyred in the World. 

To ensure complete satisfaction and longer garment life : 

Launder after each wearing 

Machine wash in hot water

Do not bleach

Do not starch

Hang to partially dry

and iron Whilst damp.


We recommend home laundering however should it be necessary to launder commercially, please specify "NO STARCH".


Thomas Mason Shirtings can be found where quality is paramount and the luxury of 100% cotton is appreciated.