Our History

Where Detailations are Born, Since 1977
Tum Tailor have experience sewing for over 30 years. Types of shirt produced by Tum Tailor is Malay shirt, dress shirt, Batik shirt, corporate clothing, white tuxedo shirt, suit, blazer, coat (single breasted and double breasted) and pants. There are more than 100 kinds of colors and patterns of wool cloth, cotton and linen are provided by Tum Tailor to customers in each branch. Most of the fabrics of wool, linen and cotton from Italy.

Tum Tailor are very concerned about the quality and high-quality tailoring of imported fabrics compared to others sewing shops available out there. Tum Tailor-conscious quality assurance and product tailoring garments maximum comfort to its customers. With persistent efforts made for over 30 years, as a result we have many regular and loyal customers thus bringing brands online Tum Tailor as their personal clothing.

We Are Experts In Tailoring

About 40 years in sewing. Perfect clothing of fabrics and high quality sewing. Here we focus more on comfort while wearing our clothes. With the help of high quality fabrics make our work better. Customer comfort is our priority. Nothing is more important than the convenience of our customers to wear them.